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Wolf Reicherter

Works of Art

Manga Muse

Wing Sum Diana Chan  is a bodypainting artist from Sydney, Australia, currently living in Hamburg Germany. After […]

Tribal Blossom

Etheral Echo

The second Collaboration with Bevin Rjikaard, of and Laura Taunton. This time we went exploring in […]


Having an unexpected extra ten days, in the fantastic area that is Goldcoast in Australia, we managed […]

Black Ophelia

The first time Naomi and me got to work together after seeing each other at a Living […]

Red Fiddle

Fiddlin Faye Petree is an amazing musician and a fantastic model. Having visited Atlanta, GA in early […]


A lot of belly paintings I see are just that. Belly paintings. But I always wanted to […]

Yellow Puppet

This was done in 2009 but came to new popularity just now. Reason enough to post it […]

Maui Mermaid

What are mermaids? Wasn´t there a part where those lovely sea creatures actually drowned sailors? Presumably to […]


From the depth of a WW1 Trench, out of a puddle of mustard gas and something else, […]

Red Rock, Atlanta

Red Rock was created during our stay in Atlanta, GA, in the fall of 2014, for the Living Art America 2014. One more that concentrates on the four main favourites of WolfsBodyMagic. Red, White, Black and shooting in Location.

PrintingPress Clank

This was done as a little sneak what to expect of the first WB Academy London. To […]

Queen of Lizzards

Madeleine Cornelia Zurka made herself available on short notice and we had great day in the studio and created this gem. She asked for something reptilian and this is were I ended up going from there. Overall, great fun and cool images.

PETA Kaiju

Super slow mo Video from the WBPF 2014

Retina Keruzu

In memory of Felix Stöver and his blacklight project, Retina Keruzu

Off the Grid

Sean Jones and me had the blacklight studio of some friends of mine all to ourselves for a week and we made most of this opportunity

Future Lovers

Future Lovers was a project for London alternative clothing store CyberDog together with Victoria Gugenheim

Steampunk Clank

For a special about Steampunk of German TV Station SWR we traveled with the biggest entourage we ever did so far. 16 people altogether, straight into a restricted zone. Fun times.

Grey Tengu

The Tengu is a character of japanese folklore. A master in many things, often the sword, but always one of the wittiest and there for one of the most dangerous of spooks to encounter.

Sara Yamo

One of the most iconic photoshoots of WolfsBodyMagic. Blacklight at it´s best.

The Red Templar

This series is called "Red Templar". It is loosely based on the concept of chess pieces and/ or a game of cards. The series will eventually have seven characters.

Wind Warrior

Sean Jones in another blacklight extravaganza. This bodypainting actually spanned over two years. It was painted and […]

Red Sorceress

The first complete Black, Red and White bodypainting from WolfsBodyMagic. A perfect opportunity for a Video to be broadcast nationwide on Germany´s TV program ARD


Working with negative space is one of the things that I love most in bodypainting. And why […]

Bluebird of Paradise

a blue white and gold bodypainting by Wolf Reicherter, London for Gallery ML in Philadelphia, P.A.


One of my most cherished bodypaintings. From The day WolfsBodyMagic changed forever and shooting in location became my new favourite thing.

White Leather

In this year I  learned about how to use the Kryolan Liquid Brilliance. This is one of […]
What I am about

Bodypainting is my passion and profession

blacklight is my specialty. 

Mad skillz
We have them



Started blacklight bodypainting
over 15 years ago, no digital
photography, nobody knew
anything! Experiments,
failures, catastrophes
Success and applause
Challenges and fun
Tricky and Powerful
I love it


In 2005 we left the studio
create new bodypaintings
for the daylight, in Location
new styles & skills are learned
Metallic paints are discovered
Suddenly Cyborgs and Gynoids


I´ve had a compressor & guns
for years and never used them
In 2010  new paints come out
So much more easy to use
We started to experiment
once more, with vigor
you better watch out


A great headpiece can change
a bodypainting as much as
the choice of location can.
Fun things with materials
never intended for this
purpose makes the
best headpieces




for your needs
our Services



Film and Theater
From the first idea & sketch
with fabricated fashion & props
to the final, larger than
life characters


Corporate Events
Bodypainted Models
Live Bodypainting
Photography & Video
For Film & Advertising
Clubs and Festivals

Fine Art

Living Installations
Body within displays
decorative or Interactive
serene or provocative
Always mesmerizing


Experience the transformation
Reconnect with your body
Get out of your skin, relax
Exploration with Mirrors,
camera und canvas



Blacklight bodypainting & 3D

15 years of blacklight bodypainting,
everything is different
Lamps and Lighting, what & when
Brands, Differences & Uses
Techniques, wet & dry
Brushes and Sponges
Stencils and airbrush
Painting, Colour mixing
Chromatic depth contrast
For events, photoshoots & performers
Set up for painting and Photography
everything is still different
Many little different tips and tricks

Concept, Design & Execution

A good bodypainting follows a certain set of rules and some of them are based on techniques found in arts and crafts in general. Like a good illustration a good bodypainting pays attention to those rules and incorporates them to form a whole, a composition out of form, subject matter, colours and shapes. To achieve that Wolf will teach how to create a full concept, with references, how to build your visual library, mold it into a design and how to bring it all together for the final photography and video your project needs. He will assist you and teach you his understanding of the rules of bodypainting and when to ignore them. After all, they are more like “guidelines”, than actual rules. 😉

Metal effects, Robots & Cyborgs

Robots, Cyborgs and Gynoids always had a big part in Wolf´s bodypainting. When teaching this class, Wolf will show you how to create seamless metallic bases in less than 15 min, create airbrush like effects without an airbrush and how to achieve those hard edge surfaces. He will also cover how actual robotic designs work and can be used in your creations, something he picked up working for an actual robotics company as well as a designer for animatronic puppets. He will show you how to use the body of your model to power the bodypainting and how you can anatomy and technology can be combined into believable robotic bodypaintings.

Lines, Patterns & Brushwork

  • Lines on the body
  • where they start
  • where they go
  • Keeping it crisp
  • quick patterns
  • long flows

We work as a



Kristin Lee


Hyewon Ahn

MUA / Bodypainter

Marcus Taylor


Faith Obae




Here is your chance to





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